Personal data

Statistical tools and data relating to the consultation of the Inthemis's website

This website is equipped by OVH (its hosting provider) with audience statistics tools. The information collected by OVH for this purpose is the following:
     -  Visits origins,
     -  Key words used on search engines that are at the origin of the visit,
     -  Day and time of the visits,
     -  Visitors' IP adresses,
     -  Countries from which the connections originate,
     -  Operating system and browser used to visit this website,
     -  Visited pages on this website, pages consultation order and lenght.

Inthemis uses this information for statistical consultation purposes only, and does not electronically process these data for other purposes.

Inthemis does not collect other information relating to the visitors of its website.

Information collected through electronic mail or by other means

Information collected by Inthemis through electronic mail or directly or even indirectly within the framework of other activities are processed under the following conditions, except where otherwise specified at the moment of the data collection:

Before the 25 May 2018, personal data processing operations resulting from the communication of personal information to Inthemis had been subject to a declaration of compliance with the French Data Protection Authority norm n 48, registered under number 1473910, in compliance with the French Data Protection Authority's deliberations n 2006-138 of 9 May 2006 and n 2005-276 of 17 November 2005

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